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Circular Economy Business Academy
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Resources & Circularity

Training and consulting services for the introduction of profitable circular business models

Around 75% of established companies fail to implement circular economy models on a large scale.

That's why we've developed a programme that gives you a comprehensive understanding in just six lessons. You will learn to unlock the value of the circular economy, define clear business benefits, develop appropriate operating models to realise the benefits and create the means to drive change.


Unlocking circular value in six lessons

  1. By highlighting the inefficiencies of linear value chains and the drivers of circularity, we discuss why companies should choose the circular economy path.
  2. Circular opportunities within the company are explored by conducting an as-is analysis and highlighting the value propositions, required know-how and recommended approaches for circular business models.
  3. The skills required for implementation are addressed by detailing and evaluating these and leading practices.
  4. In addition, technologies that drive the transformation are presented and a detailed description of enabling technologies, circular relevance, the establishment of evaluation parameters and risk assessment are shared.
  5. The question of how to shape the transformation journey is answered by addressing the areas of vision and planning, implementation and adaptation, as well as barriers such as culture, ecosystem collaboration and finance.
  6. Finally, an industry-specific deep dive will be conducted to provide practical insights - be it in machinery and equipment, transport, chemicals or another sector.

How are circular business models applied in practice?

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An international textile manufacturer engaged phiyond to analyse the potential for reducing and recycling textile and clothing waste.

Read our Case Study to find out how we implemented this project and what successes our client was able to achieve.

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Patrick Peter

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