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Climate & Decarbonisation

Europe is set to become climate-neutral by 2050.
Your entrepreneurial actions can play a key role in achieving the climate targets.
And strengthen your competitiveness at the same time.




Understanding the Need for Action

We support your company in understanding the connection between business activities and their impact on the climate.

Determining Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We calculate the GHG emissions at the company and product level and assist you with data management and automation.

Identifying Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities

We assist you in analysing climate-related risks and opportunities, enabling your company to act proactively.


Strategy Development

We collaborate with companies to develop an ambitious climate strategy along the entire value chain (Scope 1-3).

Initiating Decarbonisation

We define science-based reduction targets for your company, e.g., aligned with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) or the XDC model by right°, and develop transition plans with clear paths to decarbonisation.

Becoming Resilient

To minimise climate change risks for your company, we develop adaptation strategies for the entire value chain.

Making a Positive Impact

Together, we develop strategic approaches for your company to make a significant contribution to climate protection and adaptation, focusing on linking the positive impact with viable business models.

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Transformation gestalten

Shaping Transformation

We design action plans that comprehensively address climate protection and adaptation, focusing on impact and cost-effectiveness.

Steering Decarbonisation

We jointly develop approaches for decarbonisation and guide the implementation – from energy supply and procurement to product and process design.


Transparent Communication

We support you in professionally and credibly communicating climate protection both internally and externally. This includes reporting according to the requirements of the CSRD, EU taxonomy as well as ratings and rankings like CDP. Through new alliances and a clear public position for ambitious climate protection, we strengthen your positive impact in the societal discourse.

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