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Sustainability Transformation Framework

Systematically anchor sustainability in your company with the phiyond Sustainability Transformation Framework to ensure a successful transformation.
We support you in this transformation to meet the rising sustainability requirements and position your company for the future.

Understanding the Need for Action - Strategy Development - Shaping Transformation - Transparent Communication

Transformation Journey

We work with you to comprehensively shape your transformation: Understanding the need for action forms the basis. Systemically, we jointly develop your corporate sustainability strategy. Based on a clear roadmap, we design your transformation and support you in dialogue with stakeholders.


Understanding the Need for Action

We assist you by carefully examining your initial situation as a strategy can only be as good as the analysis it is based on. Besides regulatory and environmental analyses, we primarily use materiality assessments as a starting point.

There are no universal processes for building the ideal strategy. Each company has its own specific needs and starting point. What needs to be done to set up a holistic ESG framework, or to redesign a business model in a more strategic and targeted way? We consider a strategy to be successful and complete when our clients are able to start with its implementation.

Strategien entwickeln

Strategy Development

We are familiar with the needs and expectations of various target groups: Through regular dialogue with political and societal actors, and extensive experience in collaborating with companies in implementing sustainability measures, we can support you with optimally preparing you for various reporting obligations, developing a roadmap, and prioritising measures. 

Our approach is holistic, ensuring your internal and external stakeholders are considered in all respects.


Shaping Transformation

We guide you in the sustainable transformation of your business model, supporting you in the:

  • Transformation of the business model
  • Implementation of measures
  • Process design
  • IT operationalsation
  • Development of knowledge & competencies
Transformation gestalten
Transparent Kommunizieren

Transparent Communication

We assist you in professionally and credibly communicating your sustainability strategy both internally and externally. This includes reporting according to the requirements of the CSRD or EU taxonomy, as well as training and internal change management to engage all employees, ensuring strategies and visions are lived out, and objectives are continuously reviewed.




Levels of Transformation

We accompany our clients on all entrepreneurial levels: From strategy development, which also considers adjustments to business models and service or product portfolios, to optimising processes (within the company and in the ecosystem) and initiating change processes, to engaging all stakeholders and achieving operational excellence by means of high-quality data.

Levels of Transormation


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Approaching sustainable supply chain management and due diligence in a grounded yet pragmatic manner.

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